Donum Dei Brewery is a ten barrel brewery with a tap room located in New Albany, IN. Most of the beer we produce is consumed on site. We are in the process of building a limited distribution network that will include ½ and 1/6 bbl kegs and a limited selection of in-house bottled beer.
Donum Dei is Latin for “Gift of God”. For centuries, beer was a life sustaining product. The brewing process removed bacteria in the water and alcohol and hops preserved the beer. Brewers gave God the credit for a successful batch. Donum Dei Brewery is a tip of the hat to brewers, that over the years, produced beer without today’s knowledge and technology.
The brewery and taproom where built by us over the course of a year and half while we navigated the governmental permitting process. We where able to complete the build with little debt load by doing the work ourselves using our own money.
Our CEO Kimberly Otey is a nurse that has spent years in the management of medical practices and related business. She manages the day-to-day business side of the brewery. The brewer, Richard Otey a electronics engineer, is a Doemens certified Beer Sommelier and spent years learning the art and technique of brewing.


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